The services we deliver are designed to comply with internationally recognised standards and best practices. In order to successfully deliver at this level, we ensure that resources on our projects are suitably qualified and are certified or registered with appropriate local and international organisations.


This service offering focuses on enabling the client to enhance their productivity in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Using our tried and tested business models, we streamline the business and ensure that the technology supports it. By doing this we eradicate duplication thus minimising time of functional tasks, while ensuring they conform to all required governance. Our models are concise and our approach is structured into specific activities to ensure that all areas are accounted for. 

Each area is well documented and the process includes all stakeholders thus ensuring full visibility of our activities. Our models support a thirteen-tier approach, utilising the previous activity as the basis for the next. Our operational model can be customized to support specific types of organisations and / or tasks required to be executed relative to the scope of the task. In many instances, the client requirement is for an element within our model, this is when we customize our approach. In the ideal operational environment, one would attempt to ensure all elements are performed. We ensure that each activity is accepted by all stakeholders prior to commencing with the next, to minimise rework in the later stages of our task.

Our models include the following activities:


The success of any intervention depends on the ability of the client organisation to take over the operation of it once the project is complete. To ensure the success of this, we ensure that an effective Change Management intervention and knowledge transfer is conducted as a part of the project. We have skilled resources that ensure a smooth transition of our functions into an organisation and we provide skills to ensure the client is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate successfully and autonomously within their competitive markets.

After delivery of the solution, we provide mentoring and support to operate and manage the solution and operations successfully once the integrators have left the environment. We also ensure that the organisation is aligned and prepared to support new solutions by executing various business interventions to assure all operational elements adapt and effectively support the changes.

Tsepo’s focus on the strategic and consulting dimensions empowers us to assist and guide all role players in organisations to ensure that their objectives support the strategic direction of the organisation, that their skills are complementary to the task at hand and that the management group has documented policies, processes and procedures that will enable them to execute their functions effectively. We will also facilitate a skills transfer exercise to equip identified resources with the required skills to execute their day-to-day functions.


Within the Defence Consulting environment, our team are currently, and in certain instances were responsible for, the effective delivery and integration of various weapon systems into the South African National Defence Force. Their roles ranged from Programme Officer to Engineering representation on behalf of the OEM. With our exposure to the SANDF and experience on major acquisition projects, we realize that the requirement for support to the OEM is critical for the successful implementation and integration of future weapon platforms into operation within the SANDF.

Our approach focuses on three phases: Environment Preparation and System Implementation Phase; Early Operations/ Interim Support Phase and Steady-State Operations Phase. Within these phases we provide the following support:

o Weapon System Program Development;
o Weapon System Production Support;
o Weapon System ILS (including Development Support as well as ILS Products and             Production Support);
o Weapon System Environment Preparation and System Implementation;
o Weapon System Operations Support; and
o Weapon System In-service Support.

Tsepo strives to provide OEM’s skilled representation in South Africa to provide implementation and operational support for the weapon systems that have been acquired by the South African Government. Our service offering is effectively an extension of the supplier organisation in SA manned with very competent and skilled resources. These resources have previously held senior positions within the SANDF, ARMSCOR and Defence Industry and were responsible for numerous weapon system programs that are recognised as success stories within the South African National Defence Force.

We understand how critical the successful implementation of the various weapon systems into the SANDF is, not only to ensure local success but also to provide the OEM’s with a successful reference-site. Our local knowledge supported by our experience is key to assisting with the successful integration of weapon systems into the SANDF. Our proactive approach and insight into programs ensure that issues are dealt with effectively, minimising their impact on delivery.

This support does not only focus on the immediate requirement but forms part of the product implementation, product integration and continuous operational support for the duration of the product life-cycle. Our service offering ensures hands-on exposure to the entire project from an OEM perspective. Specifics of our offerings can be provided if required.


Our experience in consulting and the implementation of large projects, together with our focus on corporate governance, effective project management and business processes, effectively equips us to investigate and understand where projects and business processes have gone wrong. We have a specialist core team which performs forensic audits of projects and business functions to uncover the details of what has been done and provide the evidence to support our findings. Key resources within Tsepo are Certified Lead Auditors (BSI) and registered with IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors). Our team includes specialists in the following areas: Change Management, IT Systems (technical), Corporate and IT Governance Financial, Legal and Risk Management. Other specialised services include polygraph testing and the production of affidavits and transcripts.

Our clients have requested us to investigate a variety of business processes and failed projects – our findings have enabled them to understand the shortcomings within their own organisations, to take effective action against employees who have been found to have abused their positions for their own benefit and to initiate charges against delinquent suppliers. We also provide recommendations how to rectify the issues and to implement controls or processes to prevent similar issues from occurring again.


We believe that Project & Programme Management is an art and not just another task to be performed. Effective project management is critical to the success of any organisation and should therefore receive the attention it deserves. We support various toolsets in this domain and our skilled resources have the necessary credentials and experience to effectively manage major projects in various disciplines, ranging from commercial to defence industries. Our approach requires that we “projectize” the environment as this ensures current and tangible data is available for all role players as soon as possible.

Management has access to a dashboard to view the project status at summary or detailed levels. Using a ‘flagging’ approach, management has the ability to drill-down to the lowest levels to identify areas of concern. The availability of this information enables management to take proactive steps to ensure the success of projects. This information is distributed across the current network that ensures information is available “as wide as the organisation’s network spreads”.

Active management of tasks, resources, time and cost is visible to all stakeholders, provided access is granted to them to view the specific details. As noted, we support an array of toolsets and we can integrate to other solutions that enhance the efficiency of the organisation, for example, provide inputs to the finance system to ensure effective budget and cash-flow management.

We have also identified the need to assist various clients with the establishment and management of Project Management Offices (PMOs). Our team have tried-and-tested methodologies to ensure the PMO can deliver according to requirements. This establishment is supported by change enablement and capacity building interventions to ensure that once we leave an environment, the client is competent to continue with the operations and therefore sustain their daily functions.


Our Recruitment services are channelled alongside the specific requirements of our clients. This entails alignment with tender requirements, special projects and quality short and long term placements. Tsepo provides recruitment services to various South African Government Departments and the commercial sector. Tsepo, together with its strategic partners have created a consortium that has been accepted as a preferred supplier to SITA for Tender 569 (Resources) and Tender 570 (Services).

To ensure the quality of candidates, all candidates are properly vetted and matched to the required job specifications. Our main focus is on high-level IT skills in the areas of our core competencies, thus we are able to effectively judge the competency of all of our resources.  


Our Security and Risk Management service focuses on providing our client the ability to minimise data and information vulnerability to any unauthorised party. We provide security definitions that identify any deficiencies within an organisation and recommend and implement the solutions required to manage security according to world-class standards. We are leaders in the implementation of the ISO 27000 Security Standard that is becoming a requirement within the South African Government sector.

Our Notebook and Data Encryption offering is on par with solutions we offer to high-end security organisations. Our VPN offering to the market is regarded as a leader in this specialised field and has successfully entered the international competitive market. As mentioned we offer specific products to financial institutions that focus on Anti-money Laundering, ATM Fraud, Cheque Fraud, Internet Banking Fraud, Brokerage Compliance, Employee monitoring etc.

One of our partners is the leader in hi-tech physical and surveillance solutions, and provides these systems to Government and other major organisations. Tsepo integrates and expands their solutions to other IT-related systems utilised within the client environment. The solutions include access control, internal monitoring, theft lock-down, etc. RFI tagging solutions have been very effective with the loss of laptops in the areas implemented being reduced to zero.

We are currently involved in various areas within the Government providing ITC security solutions. These solutions range from security architecture for a new multi-million rand enterprise solution, to notebook and data encryption implementation of 250 notebooks in one department. Within two of our client environments we have commenced with the implementation of the ISO 27000 standard. One of our clients was audited by the AG and we were requested to align and rectify the organisation according to the deficiencies identified within the reports.


The collective experience of our team in various business and system projects, positions us to perform audits of current processes, structures and operational functions. Our approach to conducting an audit includes looking at not only the problem area itself but also the processes, controls and governance frameworks within which the problem area operates. Our final audit report will document the root causes of the issue and will include recommendations on how to rectify the issue and prevent it from happening again.

We have a range of specialists available to use in such an audit, depending on the type of audit, the functional area and the specific business processes being audited. Such audits frequently include Supply Chain and Procurement processes and audits of business and IT projects.


Our technologies ensure that the solutions support and enhance the clients’ operational model rather than forcing toolsets into an environment that require major changes to the business operations. We use our business modelling as a point of departure for the development of technology solutions. We have a competent development team who design, develop, implement and integrate unique toolsets where required; however we utilise commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions where possible to minimise expenditure. Where possible we use toolsets that are commonly available.

In many instances we will be required to integrate the toolsets to ensure the use of data that should be common within the client organisation. We present several products that can be implemented into client environments ranging from Asset Management Solutions in the Government Sector to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions in the financial industry, thus we focus on niche solutions within selected markets.




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